photo by Sebastian Marin

photo by Sebastian Marin

I'm into stories.

And I like to extract them out of everything. I'm insatiably curious, and constantly delve deep into all that surrounds me to learn more. MOJALVO is a natural progression from my roots in creative branding + marketing, fashion styling, culinary arts journalism, and cinematography. With a strong focus on all things visual, MOJALVO sifts through brand ethos, developing identities, creating visual content, and tangible experiences that shine light on these stories to be told. 


Digital Production [Cinematography + Photography] a visual strategy is devised, and cinematography, photography, and stop motion are utilized to tell the story. [Available in monthly, quarterly, or day shoot packages.]

Visual Identification great for brands. we will go over your brand mission and your vision. this is converted into a concise visual proposal with a plan for visual content and broad-stroke social strategy. [includes one consultation meeting, brand presentation deck, and follow up on monthly or quarterly basis]

Creative Marketing Strategy work with me from the get-go of your brand conception to develop a digital visual strategy that engages your audience and builds interest to your brand story. from color palate and imagery style, to choosing suitable social platforms and campaigns, your brand will have a robust visual story to tell. [available for physical ambience consultation and creation as well!]

R+D Documentation take me along on your research and development trips to expand your visual content library, and tell a deeper brand story through photo, video, and blog content.

Ambience Development create a strong visual experience for in-person spaces through personal design touches, including art installations, plants, color palate, merchandise, uniforms, textiles, scents, etc.

Personal Branding Consultation sit with me to explore your visual identity, and devise a quick and dirty visual strategy for your brand. this includes digital identity, and personal styling. [one-time consultation with opportunity for monthly touch basis]

personally Available for

Brand Ambassadorship, Creative Education/Workshops, Panels, Travel