The LINE, Adams Morgan

the buzz circulating around this place is so real, y'all. its the total talk of the new year. an amalgamation of the greatest minds in the creative dc circle conceptualized this place and it shows. it feels like the most elevated version of a common area of a quintessential american university, where you hope to run into the cool kids on campus. everyone is dripping in awesome sauce, and you hope by sitting in one of the nooks in this hotel that the effortlessness of everyone else will rub off on you. but we're all amazing in the end, right? in case you're wondering you are. own it.

erika and i came starving from a meeting where we talked about steak and cowboys for two hours, so obviously we had a very large appetite. we ordered four dishes from brothers and sisters, and i only took a photo of the rosti. because honestly, everything was so delicious that i didn't really care to show you. i'd rather you just go an experience it yourself. the crispy crunch of chicharrones covered in robust spices, a caesar salad to end all other caesar salads, and an octopus hot dog. you read that right. it has the snap of a regular frank, but has the added benefit of being a tenticle. its fucking delicious. after properly housing every bite of this, we ordered [dirty] golden lattes, monkey bread, and a sorghum crinkle cookie from the cup we all race 4. everyone raved about the monkey bread which was rightfully heavenly, but i have to say that the sorghum crinkle cookie really won the game for me. it was every bit chewy on the inside as it was crispy on the outside, just the right bit buttery and not overwhelmingly sweet. 

if you're ever looking for me, i've decided that i'll be camping out here every friday, indulging in everything, wearing my best outfit, and trying to get my own radio show on full service radio, which is broadcasted right out of the lobby of this magical hotel. jack, if you're reading this, i want to be on the radio. 


The Line Hotel, 1770 Euclid St, Washington DC