i’ve spent almost a decade in the culinary industry filming chefs and restaurants, ambience and ingredients. i come home most nights inspired by the passion i meet in the kitchen, and enjoy some incredible food.

one day, it hit me that i have learned so much visually, but haven’t ever tried my hand at it, and i discovered that i really wanted to learn. i came up with the idea to start a series where i will engage in the tools of the trade, and learn how to properly cook. it only seems fitting.

i present to you, “earning the apron” episode 1, where i learn how to make a fried whole fish with cuban sofrito with chef mario monte at colada shop here in washington dc. when i told chef mario about my vision, he basically got up and went directly to the fish monger to buy a three pound red snapper, and invited me to colada shop after close to fry it up—and eat it. obviously. so get ready. its loud, its messy…its what being in a kitchen is all about, and i’m so excited to share it with you all.


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