Brooklyn, NY




Charleston, SC


New York City


Washington DC

Farm to Street

Hartford, CT

Farm-fresh ingredients prepared by Cheff Jeff Lizotte were served alongside foods brought by every attendee. Live music played, and a long table stretched a Arbor St. in the capitol city of Hartford. 

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Washington, DC

A vegetarian taco shop starring locally sourced vegetables in homemade tortillas. Owned by two passionate women with an eye for aesthetic and a great palate for flavor, Chaia is the place to go in Georgetown. 

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BARCELONA serves Spanish-style tapas and wine in the most beautiful of atmospheres. The chefs are passionate, the servers are knowledgable, the food is well-sourced, and all of this combines for a dining experience you will want to repeat again and again. 

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BARTACO offers tacos and cocktails are served in a laid-back environment that transports you to the beach. 

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Vortex Doughnuts

Asheville, NC

Serves up doughnuts using only locally sourced ingredients down to their flour. 

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Sally's Middle Name

Washington, DC

Subway tiled white walls, mismatched teacups and vintage textile napkins bring this eatery to life. Pair that with thoughtful dishes starring local, seasonal ingredients and you have this gem. Look out for unique flavors and incredible combinations. 


Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Atlanta, GA + Charleston, SC

True biscuits made with White Lily Flour achieves flaky, buttery goodness. Combine with amazing fillings and sandwich offerings and you have this cute southern shop. 

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Cumming, GA

Creates artisanal, natural marshmallows sandwiched between shortbread cookies. Visit them at their shop and indulge in gorgeous sundaes complete with their toasted marshmallows and sweet shortbread cookies. Pair it with Stumptown coffee and you'll be ready for anything. 

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The Peach Truck

Nashville, TN

506 lofts x The Peach Truck

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